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  Creamic Band Heaters
  Hotwatt's Ceramic Band Heaters are developed keeping in mind the requirements of the industry for high temperature long lasting heaters. The HOTWATT Ceramic Heaters are specifically designed to replace and upgrade your Mica Band Heaters on your Injection and Extrusion machines. The body of the Ceramic Band heater is constructed of precision made segmented ceramics, which add flexibility and allow for easy installation. The ceramics are covered with insulation, which serves to lower the shroud temperatures and concentrates the heat towards the barrel. The end results are less wasted energy, a lower wattage requirement and a longer heater life. We specialize in customizing the heater to meet the customer’s need.

• Injection Moulding.
• Blow Moulding.
• Film extruders.
• All Plastic & Rubber Processing Machinery.
• Pipe and drum heating
• Ideal for use on Injection and extrusion barrels (when processing low, medium and high temperature resins)
• Tank Heating

Ceramic Band Heaters – Features
Available in Chrome Nickel Steel with Power Saving options Easy Installation and Removal
Special High Grade Steatite Insulators for Superior Thermal Conductivity. S.S Steal Terminal Junction with Specially Designed Protection Cap.
Power saving up to 30%. Efficient Heat Transfer even on irregular surfaces. Heating efficiency upto 40 W/inch²
Outer Sheath Material Polished S.S.304
Heating Element in Coil NiCr 80:20
Surface Loading 20-40 W / inch2
Termination Metal Braided Fibre Glass wires
Insulation Flexible Asbestos sheet or Ceramic Fibre covered with Aluminum foil to avoid black spots on outer sheath.
Resistance Tolerance ± 5%
Minimum Diameter 40 mm
Minimum Width 34 mm
Nominal Heater Thickness 12 mm
Terminal Location
NOTE: Unless specified, The Terminal Location will be at 180°C opposite to clamping.
Thermocouple Holes Location
T/c holes at center of width for Single Piece
T/c holes at center of width for Two Piece
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